General Tips on how to learn Irish music better Part 1

Listen  Listen as much as you can to Irish traditional music; in the car, while you’re walking, at home… I can’t stress this enough. This is a vital part of learning and understanding traditional music. You need to be able to feel it; the swing, the phrasing, the flow, the style. None of these can […]

Session Etiquette

Irish traditional music sessions – one of the main reasons people start to learn this music of ours. They are fun, relaxed, social events and somedays you just can’t beat a good session with friends! There is a way, however to behave in sessions that is generally unspoken; it’s just meant to be ‘picked up’ […]

Reading ABC Notation in Irish Traditional Music

When you go to workshops, summer schools, camps, etc, a lot of the teachers will choose this method of notation when teaching the class. Some others will teach only by ear, and others may have staff notation to give you (the dots). This ABC method is convenient as it can be quickly written on a […]