Fergal O'Gara's

Story Behind The Tune

This reel is named after Fearghal Ó Gadhra, the 17th century Lord of Coolavin in south Sligo, who was the patron of the Annals of the Four Masters. The Annals were a very important chronicle of the history of the Kingdom of Ireland. The O’Gadhra’s were ancient proprietors in Connacht but lost out after Cromwell. Their castle was on the shores of Lough Gara on the Sligo/Leitrim border and Lough Gara still bears the name.

I like to play this after Crowley’s No.2.

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Some tips to remember:

In this lesson, I spoke about the idea of learning a new tune in 6 mins versus 6 weeks, ie: the time it takes for a tune to settle.

When learning a new tune, take time to absorb, listen and FEEL.

Swing, sway, lilt, groove, flow…. That’s the aim, not always the notes of the tune.

Remember - only when you’re relaxed, will the music flow out of you.

The value of listening to the pure-drop musicians cannot be underestimated.

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