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Plus Tips on Playing With Good Rhythm, Swing and Flow

Learn Irish Tunes

The New Home for Irish Traditional Music Lessons Online
Learn The Session Tunes Of Ireland
A Collection Of 100+ Essential Tunes For All Instruments
Plus Tips on Playing With Good Rhythm, Swing and Flow

Learn and Improve in your own time, in your own home

Learn and Improve
in your own time,
in your own home


Unlimited access to all 100+  lessons, including the ‘Between The Notes’ series.

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Learn on any device, at your own pace, in your own home.


Contact Caitlín personally if you have any questions about the tunes.

The 'Draíocht'

Dozens of tips and advice on getting your music flowing with rhythm and swing.

Caitlín Nic Gabhann

The Lessons - What you'll get

Each Lesson boasts a range of customizable features to help students of all abilities on all instruments
Video Lessons

A complete lesson taught by Caitlín. You can pause, rewind, fast-forward and watch it again. These video lessons are slow-downable and you can loop a section of the video for repeating – Very handy for practicing a particular phrase

Audio Track

Two slow-downable tracks of the tune where you can also loop a section for repeating – a great tool for practicing. I suggest listening to these tracks first, before starting the video lesson. It’s always good to have the tune in your head, before starting to learn it

Story Behind The Tune

Every tune has a story! Here we learn the background to the tune: where it comes from, the composer, reputable recordings of the tune and who first recorded it. This gives the tune context and depth, and a direct link to a region, player or both


This is where you get advice on how to learn better and how to be a better player, featuring tips for good practice and for aiming to achieve better rhythm, pulse and flow. Here I’ll also mention other tunes that might be commonly paired with it in a set/selection


Even though I teach the video lesson mainly ‘by ear’, and always encourage trying to learn Irish traditional music in this way, ABC and Staff notation is supplied and can be downloaded and printed


✓ New lessons added all the time.
✓ Lessons are graded.
✓ Competitively priced.

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Happy Customers

We aim to provide a high quality service to all our students
“Starting music lessons as an adult can be daunting but Caitlín put me at my ease straight away. Within just a short time I was playing simple tunes and my confidence soared .... an outstanding teacher who has a lovely, easy, fun style. It was the best thing I ever did. You won't regret it either.”
“She teaches new tunes in a way that is very effective. She can explain basic and complicated facts. She shares thoughts about music and good practicing manners, which is big help for a learner from another country like me. She is a help for beginners and a real boost for advanced players.”
“I picked up the Anglo concertina about a year and a half ago, knowing nothing about it. I'm now playing tunes from the course, as well as being able to work on, and learn, tunes from other sources. The lessons can be slowed, looped, and watched over and over as much as needed. Caitlin teaches technique, ornamentation and offers tips on developing style."

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